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Brand spirit

The higher a seagull soars, the wider her vision is. She temporary stay in a place is always for the preparation of next journey. Flying in groups also implies the dialogues between old and new generations. The boundless soaring for seagulls is also a symbol of freedom and ebullience.

Great colony of seagulls on the beach. D


In 2006, Efay started to build the brand after over 30 years OEM experience – Efay commercial melamine display ware.

In few years, Efay has attained good reputation in the market and the sales channel keeps growing up steadily.

Efay owns a solid and professional manufacturing background as well as all the certifications approved by international inspection institutes around the world . Besides adopting high-quality materials in production,  also pays attention to food safety usage for customers. That’s the main reason why Efay becomes the approved supplier and manufacturer of leading brands in Asia ; Middle East ; Europe and American countries.

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Core Value

Woo for 0.01 excellence and amusement.

A little bit further, a little bit better.


Our Team

Efay team is consisted of people from different territories who are specialized in design, catering, aesthetics. Therefore, we have creative ideas all the time and we are always trying to make them into reality with enthusiasm.


In Efay we believe in delightful living. Leading by Efay’s specialized team, we devote to establishing a delicate and professional catering display kingdom.

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